Coalition Members

Coalition members communicate regularly to improve our practices and support each other in this evolving and creative work.


Shirley Williams

Whiteswan Environmental

I contribute to this work because it helps move forward Whiteswan Environmental’s mission and vision for community healing in the Salish Sea Region. It is very meaningful to work with a team who are willing to bridge indigenous-settler educational divides by weaving indigenous and western methods and mindsets into the meeting facilitation and hosting methods; supporting venues for indigenous voices, histories and present-day environmental and socio-cultural challenges to be heard; and especially empowering indigenous youth as educators.


Sadie Olsen

Whiteswan Environmental

I contribute to this work because it helps support my work toward community healing as a young adult leader in Whiteswan Environmental, the Coast Salish Youth Stewardship Corps, Whatcom Intergenerational High School, the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board, and Community Engagement Fellows.


Renee Houston

University of Puget Sound

I contribute to this work because Community Engagement Fellows creates the space for building deep relationships that are generative of new ideas and ways of seeing that lead us to take intentional action to bring healing and change in collaboration with our communities. The space to try new ideas to gather and grow is life-giving.



Eastern Washington University

I contribute to this work because effective and successful community engagement is great for the community I call home in addition to the students I serve. Doing this work well means that all of our lives improve!


Jessie Bloss

Spring Church Bellingham 

I contribute to this work because I recognize the power of social learning shaping communities in a way where people who are different from one another discover friendship. In my work at Spring Church, we use many elements from the CE Fellows resources to guide us in the reciprocity of giving and receiving from one another, making way for uncommon friendships to take root and flourish.

Image by Мария Травина

Ross Brooke Watts

Whitworth University

I contribute to this work because, I am a recovering academic who is learning to lead with a first name, not a title, and to listen for sources of knowledge where I normally would not expect to hear them. This work matters because we can only change the world when we change our minds.

Patti-Ms. Liberty (2).jpg

Patti Gorman

University of Puget Sound

I contribute to this work because, in my role with Experiential Learning at Puget Sound (and life in general) I see great value in creating intentional space for everyone to contribute ideas, thoughts, perspective, and creativity to collective understanding. Community is stronger when we all participate in the ongoing process of understanding one another deeply!


Nathanial Kidd

Whatcom Love INC / Paraskevi Fellowship

I contribute to this work because, as Executive Director of Whatcom Love INC, I am responsible for curating a network of 38 partner congregations and dozens of other partner agencies in our county who are seeking to discern what it means to be on mission together, loving and serving our communities and neighbors in need. The methods and models emerging from the Community Engagement Fellows Coalition connect me to best practices in social learning to deploy in working with the constituents of that organization, and the network itself is valuable as I work to help make connections between faith leaders, and other leaders and organizations within the community.

Laurel Hammond


Western Washington University

I contribute to this work because orienting my efforts towards a deeper engagement with place and building long-term sustainable community partnerships pushes our narrative about education to a more inclusive place. Through my involvement with Community Engagement Fellows, I am learning to partner with the community in dynamic new ways.


Travis Tennessen

Center for Community Learning, Western Washington University

I contribute to this work because, I don't want to be lonely, or to get lazy! It's wonderful to be in touch with other caring and thoughtful people who work in different contexts and communities. I'm so grateful for this inspiring array of colleagues.

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