the public, our region, the planet



Community Engagement Fellows empowers educators and community leaders in northwestern Washington to nurture engaged citizens, serve the public, and improve our bioregion and the planet.


This community of practice facilitates the growth of effective, durable learning partnerships across organizational boundaries. It was initiated in 2015 at Western Washington University, and is a program of the Center for Community Learning. Dr. Travis Tennessen serves as the convener.


Fellows include higher education faculty and staff and community leaders working in government, non-profit organizations, P-12 schools, and other community organizations.


Each Fellow joins one of several cohorts (8-12 people) for a series of eight meetings that take place from October through May. Our meetings involve discussions about effective learning partnership design, and opportunities to workshop questions that we have about our emerging work.


In addition to cohort meetings, Fellows may participate in Community Engagement Forums, Place Matters social gatherings, Retreats and contribute to Learning Together Today. See all the ways you can get involved on the Join Us page.  These events are open to all current and former Fellows, and the general public. Members of the public who are interested should join our event invitation list.


Community Engagement Fellows facilitators this year include representatives from:


Numerous additional organizations support the program as co-hosts of forums and events, and providers of space and other resources. See the website footer for a list of our wonderful partner organizations.

We are excited that people in other organizations have adopted, and adapted, our program methods in their own contexts, becoming part of the Community Engagement Fellows Coalition. Coalition members share resources, co-sponsor events, and support each other.

You can become involved with Community Engagement Fellows by joining the event invitation list, signing up for Learning Together Trainings, participating in Learning Together Today, joining the coalition, or using the many coalition resources we've made available for all. 


Please contact Travis Tennessen with any questions.