Due to public health concerns, all CEF activities will be hosted online for 2020-2021.

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Beyond Boundaries

Forge new collaborations that transcend geographical, political, and sociocultural boundaries. 


Online Design Clinics

Contribute your wisdom to help people move forward with challenges in their community-based work.

CEF Cohort Meetings

Participate in our Community Engagement cohorts. These cohorts meet regularly to discuss effective learning partnership design and to support each other in their ongoing and emerging collaborative work.


Learning Together 

Explore new ideas, meet new people, and share your wisdom and experiences.

Community Engagement


Learn something new at a Community Engagement Forum!

Forums are free and open to the public, and themes vary.

Place Matters Gatherings

Engage with members of the broader community who care about place-based learning at these social gatherings.

Community Connect

Discover new avenues for collaboration between WWU and the community through dialogue.



Venture to our place-based retreats. These are gatherings that bring together an even wider array of people for shared learning and partnership-building. To date, they have ranged in length from a half-day to three days.