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10 people standing and talking in small groups around round tables in a courtyard with trees.


CE Fellow

Join a 2024 Community Engagement Fellows Cohort!

People standing in a circle at Whatcom Intergenerational High school listing to a person talk into a microphone.


Get to know your local food system, sign up to get your hands dirty at a work party, and learn about our community agriculture projects!

A person's hands holding out colorful corn in a cornfield.


Cultivate community with other WWU students through the Students in Community program.

group of people sitting on chairs in a circle drawing and smiling at the camera


Community Engagement Forums are free and open to the public. Their purpose is to build stronger and more interwoven networks of people working on poignant issues of the present.

A person standing infront of a group of people under a park shelter with snacks and food in the foreground.


Contribute your wisdom to help people move forward with challenges in their community-based work.

A laptop screen and the back of a person typing on it.


Venture to our place-based retreats. These are gatherings that bring together an even wider array of people for shared learning and partnership-building. To date, they have ranged in length from a half-day to three days.

A group of 70+ people posed for a photo on a lawn infront of the water

Community Engagement Fellows: Africa

Share community experiences and learn from fellow leaders from different African countries. 

CEF facilitator Dominic Savio Nkuubi speaking with four females in  Kampala, Uganda
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