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Reflections 2017-2018


Short reflections on participation in the program, and a summary of outcomes. We hope they are informative and inspiring! Enjoy!

Hannah Andersen: Collaborating Across Institutions
Jessica Bee: The Professional Development of Deeper Connection
Jessie Bloss (Raetz): Addressing Loneliness in the Third Space
Kathleen Brian: Of Archives and Disquiet
Setsuko Buckley: Community Engagement Fellows Program Reflections
Rita Daniels: Incorporating Service Learning Projects in Organizational Culture Course
Eric Davishahl:  Reflections on a Redesign of an Engineering Course around Outreach Activities
Kristin Denham: Integrating Linguistics into High School
Darcie Donegan: Reflecting on Community Engagement Fellows
Jim Drinkwine: Developing a Digital Marketing Course for WCC
Justin Ericksen: Connecting Students to Marginalized Populations Through Storytelling
Krista Gordon: Growing the Salish Sea Experience Field Trip
Anna Groat-Carmona: Creating an Adult STEM Education Program in Kitsap County
Susanna Hamilton: Sharing Sustainability Stories
Anita Harker: Getting Out of Routine
Pippa Hemsley: Equity and Inclusion Forum Workshop for University Faculty Members to Practice Using Effective Communication Strategies to Understand and Resolve Conflicts
Brenda Henoch: Building a Greater Sense of Community
Lisa Turner: Engaging Communities through Large-Scale Printmaking
Kari Jo Hilgendorf: Reflections on Design Clinics
Julie Hirsch: Expanding a Professional Community
Catalina Hope: Creating Intentional Community
Tim Kowalczyk: Sustainable Development and Implementation of an Energy Ambassadors Program
Janelle Leger: Establishing an external advisory board for the Advanced Materials Science and Engineering Center (AMSEC) at WWU
Yu Lei: How the Community Engagement Fellows Changed Me
Andrew Lucchesi: Building a Community Engagement Curriculum from the Inside Out
Lauren Maniatis: Building Community Connections as a New Faculty Member
Kristen McDade: Leaning About Types of Engagement
Michael McDaniel: Engaging Communities Through Stories of Place
John Moon: Learning More About Community
Derek Moscato: Learning More About the Salish Sea
Robin Preisinger:  Connecting ESLA Students to Community Service ESLA Dire

Amy Rydel: The Art of Convening for Increased Collaboration
Julia Sapin: Rethinking Ways for Community Engagement
Alex Smith: Achieving New Organizational Goals
James Spaich: Reflecting on the Community Engagement Fellows Experience: What Do We Bring to the Table?
Beth Tyne: Assessing Experiential Learning- Past and Present
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