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Beyond Boundaries

Words of Encouragement

I was pleasantly surprised at how Beyond Boundaries really took me to stretch beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone! Not only I crossed the obvious geographical boundaries, but also meeting people from a wide range of backgrounds who very generously shared their wisdom and challenges. Travis and Laurel facilitated the process incredibly well, creating a safe, inclusive and cohesive community of practice. I'm loving this program!


 Brahm Marjadi, School of Medicine, Western Sydney University - Australia

Britta Eschete.jpg

Beyond Boundaries has stretched the physical geographic boundaries by transitioning these collaborative conversations to a virtual environment. Connect and learn with global colleagues!

Britta Eschete, Career Services Center, Western Washington University

I was "encouraged" to participate in Beyond Boundaries by my supervisor, but I was convinced that it was not going to be worth my time. I was very, very wrong: I have enjoyed a 30-year career in higher ed, and this turned out to be one of the most valuable development opportunities I have ever had.


Susan Trudeau, University of North Florida


Indigenous peoples of the Salish Sea are known as the Saltwater Salmon People. In the last 160 years, salmon peoples language and wild salmon are below 5% of survival. Salmon people are worth saving. Salmon people know no borders. We are all salmon people indigenous to Mother Earth. With one mind, one heart, and as one people, we can move beyond boundaries to support thriving cultures and environment for all. Whiteswan Environmental (WE) encourages you to participate in Beyond Boundaries so we can meet each other and figure out how to do this together.

Shirley Willams, Whiteswan Environmental

Find the time to do Beyond Boundaries. It is the exact type of life-giving work that is needed right now. The meetings fed my heart in a way that I always want my work to, but rarely have the chance to fully experience. Beyond Boundaries is an opportunity to tap back into that place within that led you to the work you are doing and hope to do.

Davenport Brian.tif

Brian Davenport, Eastern Washington University


This is the first time I've participated with Beyond Boundaries. I'm developing life-long skills using the Design Clinic. Travis & Laurel are kind & welcoming facilitators.

Mona Gonzalez, Mid -Columbia Libraries: Tri-Cities, WA

In this time where most of us experience "Zoom burnout" on a regular basis, it was refreshing to be part of the Beyond Boundaries seminar. Meetings were always positive, engaging, purposeful and refreshing.

Chris Fiorentino

Chris Fiorentino, California State University, Fresno

Chelsea Lauder_headshot.jpg

This program was beyond incredible - I learned multiple tools I can take back to my work, made connections with co-learners across the world, and found the structured reflection and facilitation to be top notch.

Chelsea Lauder, Northeastern University

In a year of Zoom meeting after Zoom webinar, this actually was the most helpful, enlightening, and inspiring meeting/communities that I’ve been a part of. It really helped me improve my leadership, communication, and collaboration skills and given me ideas that I’ve already been implementing into my college’s programs.


Bradley Hartsell, Emory & Henry College


Beyond Boundaries taught me a lot of great problem solving and bridge building strategies and helped open my mind to new ideas. I would definitely recommend participating in the program!

Rondi Nordal, 2020-21 AmeriCorps service member at RE Sources

Beyond Boundaries gave me an opportunity to think differently and engage in a different type of work while connecting with people in a variety of professions and from different areas. I received direct feedback about things I might try with my work from different perspectives, and I helped inform the work of others.

Michael Cox - WCLS.jpg

Michael Cox, Whatcom County Library System


I highly encourage anyone to engage in Beyond Boundaries; it will be a significant paradigm shift in mental models about how individuals and organizations can hold dialog and space about transforming and grappling with the challenges they are facing (or the changes they want to make). Getting to know and dialog with people who represent a diversity of perspectives (regions, environments, organizations) is so powerful in developing new insights and possibilities for transformation where you are. Coming from a basis/foundation that is open/inquisitive and judgment-free makes it even more powerful. Do it!

Jennifer Allen, Whatcom Community College

Beyond Boundaries helped me see way forward in my organization without being caught in the "emotional weeds" when collaborating only with work colleagues.

Copy of Pat_Burnett.jpg

Pat Burnett, Whatcom Community College


Participation is not a lot of time out of the week but helps immensely to gather new ideas, make new connections, and think about your work from a different perspective. Absolutely worth it!

Jenn Cook, Club Activities, Western Washington University

This space felt like a space to rest in the many things I am balancing. I was able to show up exactly as I am, with the energy I had to offer, and put the background noise of never-ending work on hold. My Beyond Boundaries group was great fun to collaborate with and think about the different challenges in our work. I learned about different resources, books to read and made a new group of friends. 


Liz Grewal, Oakland Unified School District

Judy Pine.jpg

This group has been invaluable for me, especially in these challenging times. It is so good to be part of a community committed to working collaboratively, amplifying our skills, and doing something to make positive change.

Judy Pine, Dept of Anthropology, Western Washington University

It has been amazing and is the meeting that I cannot wait for during the week. The information presented and resources shared have only helped me in my position both on and off-campus.

Brian Kurisky.jpg

Brian Kurisky, Virginia Wesleyan University/Wesleyan Engaged and Chief Diversity Officer

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