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Community Engagement Fellows is a distinctive method for building a community's capacity to learn together and address shared challenges and opportunities. We would be delighted to help you start a sister program where you live.


Join in this monthly community of practice alongside others intending to initiate a CEF program within the coming year. This group is open to those who have participated in CEF: Beyond Boundaries or an in-person CEF workshop.


There is no participation fee.


In our meetings, we will…


  • Explore relevant concepts like system convening and communities of practice.

  • Share insights about the practical aspects of program development, such as participant recruitment, meeting spaces, and data management. 

  • Practice social learning leadership, including designing group activities and facilitating design clinics. 

  • Support each other through institutional/administrative hurdles and program launch. 




All times listed as Pacific Time UTC-8


Meetings will be 75 minutes on Zoom, and will be held on Tuesdays from 1:00-2:15 pm Pacific Time on these dates during 2021-2022: 


October 12th

November 9th

November 30th

January 4th

February 1st

March 1st

March 29th

May 3rd

Travis Tennessen, Ph.D. of the Center for Community Learning at Western Washington University will serve as the primary facilitator. Travis initiated CE Fellows in 2015.

For accommodations, please contact Travis at . Two weeks advance notice is appreciated and necessary to arrange for some accessibility needs.

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